The Torrs Trail
Location 16 - Torr Top Street

As you ascend Lower Rock Street from location 15 you pass a row of renovated cottages on your left, reputedly built as weavers' cottages in the early nineteenth century. At top left is a building that was formerly Torr Top Mission. On Torr Top Street a chimney can be glimpsed behind the new flats (Foundry Court) opposite Torr Top car park. This is the oldest chimney in New Mills, dating from the late 1830s, and marks the site of Yates's brass foundry. The remains of the foundry, except the chimney, were demolished in 1999 to make way for the flats. Notice on the adjacent wall the plaque commemorating Torr Top Tunnel, a feature of the trenches in World War I.

Torr Top Street

The former Yates's brass foundry on Torr Top Street, 1994. The surviving chimney can be seen from location 16. (Photo: Derek Brumhead) n06456.

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