The Torrs Trail
Location 15 - Chain Horse House

All supplies, including raw cotton and coal, needed by the mills in the Torrs had to be taken down the steep paths, and finished goods had to be brought back up. Horses were required to assist in hauling the carts up and to act as a brake when taking them down. The open space here marks the site of the stables, a building which was demolished in the late 1970s owing to its dangerous condition. The buttresses below Torr Top car park mark the site of a row of cottages, part of a community of houses known as Bamford, built on the slopes above the River Sett right down to river level. The houses were built in the early and mid nineteenth century. They were poorly ventilated and without proper sanitation or water supply, but were not demolished until the early 1960s.


The end of 'Bamford', about 1966. Photo taken from near location 14. The remains of the cottages were demolished soon afterwards. Perched high at centre left is the chain horse house at location 15. (Photo: A. Clapham) n03467.

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