The Torrs Trail
Location 14 - Sett Valley Trail

Location 14 is at the top of the long flight of steps climbing up beside the River Sett. To the right of these steps, but lower down alongside the river, is the site of three workers' houses, forming part of the Bamford area. At the top of the steps look left to see the tunnel of the former railway line from New Mills Central to Hayfield, opened in 1868 and closed in 1970. The line of the former railway passes to your right over the River Sett and under Hyde Bank Road and then through the present site of the Leisure Centre and doctors’ surgery. The gradient has been changed here to make it more suitable for wheel-chairs and the less mobile.

Railway Tunnel

A train on its way to Hayfield leaving the tunnel near location 14 in 1957. Derelict houses in the area known as `Bamford' can be seen at rear left. (Photo: Melvyn Green) n02212.

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