The Torrs Trail
Location 12 - View of rock face

At location 12 look back across the river for a fine view of an impressive crag of the sandstone which forms the sides of the Torrs gorge. It is broken up by a number of wide joints criss-crossing each other, creating unstable separated blocks of different sizes. In January 2016, New Mills Town Council was advised that possible falls of rock were a hazard to any person taking the path below the crag. As a result, after two hundred years of use by mill workers and townspeople, the path was closed. It seems likely that this closure will be permanent, and so geology will make its mark on everyday life. In due course there will be a review of options for a footpath diversion: one possibility could be a new bridge over the River Sett near the railway viaduct. From the location where you are standing there is a good view of this viaduct (a description is given at location 13).
The trail ends here at location 12. However, there are four further locations (13 – 16) which are also worth visiting. They can be reached either by taking the steps up to Hyde Bank Road and walking along to the Leisure Centre or by returning to the town via the steps up to the Heritage Centre and then entering the Torrs from the bottom of Rock Street.

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