The Torrs Trail
Location 11 - Sluice Gate

At the end of the path is the iron sluice gate which controlled the flow of water along the leat to Torr Mill. Beyond the sluice gate can be seen the weir in the river used to provide a head of water to supply the leat. There is also a view, southward between the trees, of the 13-arch Midland Railway viaduct built in 1902, crossing the floodplain of the River Goyt. To continue on the trail retrace your steps over the Millward Bridge, keep to the right, and then cross the other bridge over the River Sett.

Torr Vale Weir

This weir on the River Goyt served Torr Mill on the other side of Church Road Bridge. A leat to the mill went from above the weir under the low arch to a sluice gate at location 11. On the right is the waterman's house, called `Ned Mill'. (Photo about 1910) n00532.

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