The Torrs Trail
Location 8 - Torr Mill

The mill dates from 1794 when it was a small water-powered cotton mill standing at the confluence of the Rivers Goyt and Sett. In the mid-nineteenth century it was extended and converted to a steam-powered five-storey mill. The truncated chimney stands almost out of sight against the rock face. In its later years the mill specialised in the manufacture of 'fustian', a coarse twilled cotton fabric like corduroy. The mill was destroyed by fire in 1912 though several of the walls remain.

Union Road Bridge, Torr Mill

The completion of Union Road Bridge in May 1884. This is the only known picture of Torr Top Hall (rear right), demolished when the upper part of Union Road was built. The rear of houses on Rock Street can be seen at far right. In the foreground is Torr Mill (burnt down in 1912). n00935.

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