The Torrs Trail
Location 7 - Union Road Bridge

The rock face here is a former quarry face, the sandstone having been used to build the mills and walls. It now provides some classic climbs for rock climbers. A description of its geological features is given in the Torrs geological trail on sale in the Heritage Centre. Union Road Bridge, built of this sandstone, took nine months to complete and was opened in 1884 at a cost of £4,400. The holes at the tops of the pillars, inside the arches, show where the wooden templates were inserted to build the arches. Union Road joined New Mills to Newtown and was a major stimulus to the growth and commerce of the town. Almost immediately after its construction terraced houses, shops and public buildings were built along it. On the other side of the bridge, against the rock face on the left, is the chimney of Torr Mill (location 8), built in 1846 when steam power was introduced.

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