The Torrs Trail
Location 5 - Rock Mill

A plaque here gives historical details of Torr Vale Mill and Rock Mill. Rock Mill was a huge mill covering all the land in the wooded area between here and location 6 and also extending up the steep slope behind, where you can see the remains of its walls. The mill had varied functions, being in turn a cotton mill, a calico print works and a paper mill. It was demolished in the 1880s. If you look over the wall in front you will see a brown sign which says 'Rock Mill Tailrace'. This marks the exit of a water course (tunnel) that passed through the mill to drive the water-wheel. The exit itself is only visible by descending the steps to the ‘beach’ below.

Torr Vale Mill

Torr Vale Mill (centre left) and the ruins of Rock Mill (front right) as they were about 1910. n00421.

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