The Torrs Trail
Location 4 - Torr Vale Mill

The walk along the walkway to this location brings you alongside the impressive railway retaining wall built in the mid-1860s. The construction of the wall required the relocation of the footbridge across the river to the mill. The footbridge is now situated beyond the end of the walkway and was rebuilt in the 1950s. The part of Torr Vale Mill opposite the walkway is the former spinning mill. From the end of the walkway it can be seen that there are two tunnels coming out of this building. These are two water courses (tail-races) exiting from the two water-wheels which were once in the basement of the mill. The large space in front of the chimney was occupied by a four-storey weaving mill, unfortunately burnt down in 2001. A path to the right leads up to Station Road and New Mills Central station, but to continue on the Torrs Trail you should return over the Millennium Walkway to location 5.

Torr Vale Mill

Torr Vale Mill and tail-races from location 4. On the left is the Millennium Walkway attached to the lower part of the railway retaining wall. (Photo: Derek Brumhead) n17396.

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