New Mills Local History Society
Editor Vacancy
Honorary Editor for New Mills Local History Society

Ron Weston has been Editor for the past 38 years!

At our committee meeting on 16th January, Ron expressed his desire to step back from the role of Honorary Editor for New Mills Local History Society at our next Annual General Meeting.

Having served for 38 years, he feels that it is time to stand down and let someone else take over.

During those thirty-eight years, Ron has overseen the printing and sales of most of our Publications, providing an important revenue stream for the Society that sees it enjoy its current healthy financial position.

I am sure that you will want to join the Committee members past and present in wishing Ron all the best in his retirement.

This does mean that we will soon have a vacancy for an Editor on the Committee. At present the responsibilities of the Editor fall into two main categories, those of Editor and Sales.

As Editor, Ron sees the individual projects through from beginning to end. He will consider a proposal for a publication, refine the initial idea, help to prepare the material into a coherent manuscript, then oversee the printing of the final booklet.

Much of this will be in discussions with the author.

When printed, the Salesman takes over. Many of our sales come through the website and Ron ensures that we receive an appropriate sum for the publication(s) and then ensures that we post the booklet(s) out.

He also holds a stall with publications for sale at our talks, and other venues as required. He stores the unsold booklets and currently holds around £4000 worth of stock in storage in his loft, which takes up several boxes and drawers of space.

Ideally we would look for one individual to manage both aspects of the role, but we might be prepared to consider having different individuals covering each element.

If you might be interested in volunteering, please contact the Secretary, Mike Daniels on 01663 746449 or by email at