Archive Lists

These lists gives brief details of items held by the Society. Supplementary lists will be issued from time to time.

If you wish to consult any of the items listed, please contact the Honorary Archivist of the Society and give the reference number(s) of the items required. At present the Archivist is Dr R. M. Bryant, 36 Hall Street, New Mills, High Peak, SK22 3BR, tel. 01663 744227. The name and address of the current Archivist can be obtained from New Mills Public Library.

If the material you request is available for consultation it will be taken to New Mills Public Library and left there for a limited period so that it can be referred to within the Library. Please treat it with great care and return it to the Library counter after use.

If you hold material yourself which you would like to deposit with the Society or would allow to be photocopied, please contact the Archivist.

N.B. Choosing "All" will take a considerable amount of time to load, and to search.