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If you wish to join the Society, or if you are an existing member who wishes to renew their subscription, select the appropriate subscription, click on "Subscribe" then "PayPal" or "Debit or Credit Card". Further details (name etc.) will be requested during the PayPal phase. Membership runs from September to September.

Please see the Privacy Notice at the bottom of the page, by applying for membership you agree to the Society holding your information as described.

If you are a UK taxpayer and wish New Mills Local History Society to benefit from the Gift Aid scheme, please use the second set of choices (see declaration below).

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Gift Aid Declaration

I would like New Mills Local History Society to treat all subscriptions I make from the date of this declaration, to be treated as Gift Aid donations. I understand I must be paying Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax at least equal to the amount being reclaimed by the Society (currently 25p in the pound). I understand that I can cancel this declaration within 30 days, in which case the declaration will be treated as if it was never made.

Privacy Notice

Members of the Society give their names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses. We hold these records in a limited number of places and they allow us to send out a regular newsletter and to claim Gift Aid from Her Majesty’s revenue and Customs (HMRC). We do not share this information with any organisation other than HMRC, nor have we any intention to do so in the future.

Without your information we won’t be able to send you our Newsletter, which we know many of you value highly, or membership reminders and we must have your permission to keep even this small amount of information.